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Project Mobility

In 2010, Allmakes 4×4 decided to become a principal sponsor of a new charity called Project Mobility. We feel this is a fantastic charity that offers some real life changing opportunities to those service men and women who have endured serious injury. Here’s a little more about the project.

The Project

The cost of war…

More than 200 soldiers and servicemen / women have had life changing injuries through the Afghanistan conflict ALONE , that includes amputees, those force to live life in a wheelchair and sensory loss.
For the period 1 January 2006 to 31 August 2009:
Centrally available records show that:

  • 850 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK Field Hospitals and categorised as Wounded in Action.
  • 2,014 UK military and civilian personnel were admitted to UK Field Hospitals for disease or non-battle injuries.
  • 143 UK personnel were categorised as Seriously Injured from all causes excluding disease.
  • 2,531 aeromedical evacuations have taken place for UK military and civilian personnel injured or ill in Afghanistan.

Service for the injured and disabled

Many service personnel injured in action never make it back to their previous job or life, the dramatic changes from war zone to medical facilities to civilian life can be a struggled for many. One minute your part of a team, in action, doing what your trained for, and the next your living on a small payout, alone, and nothing ever seems the same again. Project mobility is a multi-faceted campaign, started from the boughs of Land Rover enthusiasts, people who tinker with their projects for fun and create magnificent machines. The number of veterans and service personnel within the enthusiast arena and the call for action, to make a difference….its not about buying a poppy or a minutes silence, but about making a difference, even if its for a day.

The plan

To plan, design and build initially 3 vehicles to aid veterans, service related charities, families and individuals to have access to expedition prepared, disability adapted 4×4’s for fundraising, trips, holidays and awareness campaigns. The Project Mobility stages are as follows;

Stage 1

– To secure trade and corporate sponsorship to procure, be donated and rebuild a 110 CSW (Mob 1) to be used the promotional trail and to be used daily by a double amputee and Project Mobility Trustee, as well as solider. This will be our blue print vehicle and be used to help / mobilise LCpl Hilton and be used to help others he comes in contact with.

Stage 2

– To commence with Mob 2, the Project Mobility 110 Support Vehicle and Mobile Workshop, fully amputee adapted to assist with builds, adaption and promotion of the organisation.

Stage 3

– To raise funds through merchandise and rally support behind the project, including away days where enthusiasts and Land Rover clubs can take Hedley Court / Selly Oak patients out for a greenlaning day / gather the needs / requirements for the interior and accessories and attend several Land Rover shows in 2010. (4WD Force, Field of Heroes, Billing LRO Show, ProMob Exped ‘2010′)

Stage 4

– Mob 3 – Discovery 1, Auto with Full Amputation adaption, storage and expedition preparation.

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