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New for 2014 – Daily RSS Updates from Allmakes 4×4

Posted on: January 14, 2014 by charles

Allmakes 4x4 rss

New for 2014 – Daily RSS Updates from Allmakes 4×4

Allmakes 4×4 is pleased to announce the launch of our new RSS Feed on the Allmakes 4×4 Trade Portal. Customers with access to the Allmakes 4×4 Trade Portal can start reading the news updates once they are successfully logged in. Alternatively, you can subscribe to the service and have our daily updates sent automatically to your PC desktop, email inbox, browser or smart phone, keeping you up to date with the latest developments.

Jargon Buster – What is a RSS Feed?

RSS technology has been around since 1995. It is the one of the simplest ways of staying connected with the latest news, blogs, audios and videos and the technology is commonly used by major news publishers such as the BBC. It usually contains a title, date and short description about the news, and allows you to click and follow the links of interest to read the full article.

Why RSS feeds?

RSS readers are native to most browsers and email clients such as Outlook and can be streamed to any RSS reader whether on phone, tablet, or desktop.

Allmakes 4×4 stock around 10,000 active product lines and every day changes are being made to our products in terms of price, brand, range and availability. By using RSS technology, we can inform you of these changes as they happen, allowing you to update your systems and make any necessary adjustments to your supplier choices.

How to subscribe to the Allmakes RSS feed

Subscribing is easy and you can choose where the feeds are sent to. The first thing to do is to obtain your RSS address which can be found on the portal under the feed in the left column.

Next, try one of the following:

  • Subscribe and read daily updates using Internet explorer or other browsers e.g. Firefox, Safari, Chrome (requires extension) etc. Instructions>>
  • Receive daily updates from Outlook (or other supporting email service providers) where it will create a RSS Feeds folder alongside your mail folders.Instructions>>
  • You can use a Windows 7 widget to display the feeds on your desktop.
  • Download any RSS Reader App to your smart phone, add your URL to the setup and watch the info come through (3G or internet access required).

There are many other ways to access and use the data and a lot of help and support is available online.



Are RSS feeds safe. Would it harm my computer?

Yes, RSS feeds are safe and contain no executable files which may potentially be dangerous for your computer.

How often is the Allmakes RSS feed updated?

Allmakes RSS feeds are updated daily and only relevant information will be delivered to you. Product updates are made in batches

Can I export the content in a RSS feed?

Yes, currently you can export the content in a RSS feed to a csv document.

Is the Allmakes RSS feeds Service only about product news?

While product news will make up the most frequent source of news, the Allmakes RSS Feed is another channel that we will use to better communicate with you. For example, for UK customers, when your order is dispatched, you will receive a feed telling you that the order is dispatched with a link to track your order. Soon we will also be using it to notify you of updates to WARP and FACT enquiries plus also important announcements and the introduction of new services.

Will the Allmakes RSS Feed be available on Allmakes Shadow?

Yes, it is now available on Allmakes Shadow.

I still don’t understand the whole RSS feed terminology, how can you help?

We are happy to help you get set up with RSS and explain more about the service. Please email us or call us on +44 1235 821123.

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