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The World’s First 9-Speed Automatic Transmission! And It’s a Land Rover!

Posted on: February 28, 2013 by megan

Some of you may be old enough to remember when Land Rover first offered the Chrysler 3-speed Auto box in the Range Rover. Well just 31 years later we’ve gone from 3 gears to nine! Land Rover has announced that the Evoque, and possibly the Freelander, will now get a 9-speed auto option.

ZF released the 9HP a short while ago for transverse engine passenger vehicles but Land Rover have now officially adopted it and become a leading development partner for it.
Overall, it is 6kg lighter than the current ‘box’ and only a few milimeters longer, but it comes with a much lower first gear than the out-going 6-speed with a raised top gear for better cruising speeds.

As the Evoque and Freelander lack a low-ratio ‘box’, the lower gearing in the 9-speed will greatly help off-road driving and towing ability. Coupled to the Terrain Assist system, Land Rover say that it will be just as capable as other vehicles with low range.

Another feature of the 9HP is an ‘adaptive shift system’ that ZF reckon will learn and monitor how you drive and adjust shifting and gear selection accordingly. It matches the driver’s mood within seconds, sharpening up during brisk driving then slipping seamlessly into a more economical regime just as quickly when taking a more relaxed approach.

Curve Mode, longitudinal acceleration and pedal position all control upshift prevention. Fast-Off mode measures the rate of throttle release, anticipates further requests by the driver for high power, then holds the gear if necessary. If the driver requests a downshift when the vehicle is travelling too fast, the transmission will remember the request and make the shift when the speed drops to an appropriate level.

Looks like there is now even more reason to buy a Landrover! Let the off-roading commence!

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