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Land Rover Project Rebuild Part 1 (Defender 90)

Posted on: March 5, 2013 by megan

If you currently follow us on facebook, you may remember me posting a photo of a Defender high capacity 110 which had been lovingly restored by Rob at J W Parker & Son Ltd and looked simply fabulous! The high capacity 110 had been kitted out with the very best parts and accessories, including Terrafirma big bore shocks, heavy duty springs, heavy duty front bumper and steering guard, plus genuine wings/doors and much more.

Rob completed this project and sold the vehicle on, but we recently noticed that it was up for sale on auto trader. The vehicle has now been sold, however if you have an eye for vehicles like this one, then this may just be your lucky day! Rob has now started a new project with the help of Matthew Jackson, which we will follow every step of the way.

The vision of this latest rebuild is to capture the character of one of the most iconic vehicles in automotive history, The Landrover Series 1. Rob has chosen a 200 TDI Defender 90 K Reg which he saved from being tossed onto the scrap heap. The RJP team want to successfully apply the Series 1’s most distinctive features to the Defender 90 (36 years its Senior), and create a truly trans-generational icon. The colour, galvanised capping, wheels and other accessories will all help to create a retro look to the vehicle.

The 200 TDI’s chassis was rotten, so the first thing Rob ordered was a galvanised marslands chassis, which has been prepped and painted with galvanised paint. Rob then sent the gear box for new bearings and new seals because the condition was unknown to him. When it came back, everything was in order and the team were ready to carry on with the project.

The axels were prepped and painted and fitted with new wheel bearings, Allmakes 4×4 brake callipers, and Allmakes 4×4 discs and pads, before being fitted to the chassis.

The new Allmakes 4×4 standard height springs, Terrafirma 4×4 shock absorbers and turrets were fitted at this time. The engine was fitted with a new timing belt, water pump and auxiliary belts before fitting to the chassis. The new clutch was fitted and the chassis fixed in place.

“Meanwhile the team had to source a TDCI bulkhead and TDCI dashboard off a salvaged vehicle, and after hours and hours and hours and even more hours we came up with a colour!” Rob has chosen a light green colour, which is sure to compliment his retro theme.

The bulkhead is now in place but there is much more to be getting on with. Rob has recently got married but is now back to work and raring to go! The project continues as we speak, and we will carry on updating you on Rob and Matts’ progress!

RJP Landrover Rebuilds is relatively new and has only been up and running for 12 months. We hope to see a lot more projects like this one coming from the team which we will of course tell you about.

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