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Posted on: February 25, 2013 by megan

Did you catch the New Range Rover on Top Gear last night? It seems “Perfect in every way” is the general consensus with James May, saying that it now rivals Rolls Royce for ride quality and overall luxury. But how does it perform away from the safety and predictability of city life? With Land Rovers legendary off-road capability at its heart, it is only fair for Top Gear to test their claims, the only way they know how – an off-road challenge!

From first impressions, the body shell looks strangely similar to its predecessor, but the new Range Rover has in fact been totally re-designed from scratch and is made of aluminium, which cuts a whopping 400 kilograms off its overall weight. It boasts a new active suspension system which allows you to turn corners with complete ease, and it even has new electric steering and an 8 speed gear box. The changes carry through into the interior, where half of the switches and buttons have been ditched, to create an all around more minimalist feel. There is 4 inches of extra leg room in the back and the tailgate now opens electronically saving you the hassle of opening and closing it yourself.

Ok so the Range Rover is perfectly suited to the city, but what about off-road. This is where the next-generation ‘Terrain Response System’ comes in, which has clearly captured James Mays imagination in this particular feature. This technology allows the system to analyse the current driving conditions and automatically select the most suitable vehicle setting for the terrain it is faced with.

Captain Slow himself (James May) takes the Range Rover out of the city, and into the Automotive Test Centre in Nevada, Pitting it against a 6×6 OSHKOSH TERRAMAX with “tyres the size of Ferris wheels” and driven in Autonomous mode. This beast is built to stand almost any terrain, anywhere in the world. It is used by the military and driven in dangerous areas carrying cargo back and forth without the risk of any soldiers getting blown up by IEDS.

So Top Gear place 2 completely different vehicles against each other and plan on racing them along a 10 mile long route which James May describes as treacherous with “Rocky ground, steep slopes, thick mud, and icy rivers” – who did you think I was going to back?

Don’t get me wrong, the Range Rover has its very own advantages, the Terrain Response System being one, plus the Range Rover boasts higher speeds than its rival who can only hit a 35mph at its fastest. But this beast wasn’t going to take any prisoners, the challenge commences!

Both vehicles dealt well with the difficult terrain, the 510 Horsepower supercharge RR makes sense when off-road and reaps the benefits of its 400 kilogram diet as it flies over the dusty tracks in pursuit of the Terramax. You would expect the Terramax to dominate the steep slopes, but to James Mays (and my) surprise, the RR owned it, showing just how agile it can be. James May is truly astonished by the Range Rovers off-roading capabilities, as it conquers the ice filled river. The new Range Rover can wade up to 36 inches which is more than the Land Rover Defender.

I was so happy to see The Rangey reach the finish line before the Terramax, proving that an intelligent machine driven by a computer can be beaten by an intelligent machine driven by a human. Land Rover name the All new Range Rover as having unrivalled capability, and after watching this feature I would 100% agree.

A premium vehicle like this one comes with a premium price, the cheapest version being the V6 diesel which will set you back around £71,000 and the supercharged V8 costing a smidge under 100k, that’s Mercedes S-Class Money! I would love to take a Range Rover like this home; there is just the small matter of price! In order to finance myself for such a vehicle, I would either need to win the lottery, or sell my parents house without them knowing….both very unlikely. If you have previously read my ‘LWB Evoque within Range’ blog, you will know that I recently entered a competition to win a Range Rover Evoque; I am determined to own one. A girl can still dream can’t she? In the meantime, it is programmes like these which keep people like me dreaming, people aspire to own a Land Rover and so my quest continues….

From the Range Rover Classic right the way through to the Range Rover Sport and Evoque, Allmakes 4×4 have been here serving the market since 1976. We provide the parts and accessories needed for you to keep your much loved vehicle looking great and running perfectly. We have a lot to owe to the Range Rover, and its latest incarnation is a fitting testimony to both the Range Rover legacy and its future.


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Check out this Video showing the Range Rovers full Capability & Dynamics:

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