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Superwinch: The Force Behind The Superpower Part 2

Posted on: April 19, 2013 by megan

In Part 1 of ‘Superwinch: The Force Behind The Superpower”, we interviewed Lance M.Blackmoor, General Manager & Company Director at Superwinch, UK.

We now ask Zach Bohn, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Superwinch USA what makes this global manufacturer so different to the rest, and the reasons behind their success. A beginner like myself can never get enough winching advice, and a lot of you will agree! Zach delves into his own winching recommendations for first timers, and tells us why a winch can be a vital piece of equipment for just about anybody.

Zach, tell us a little about Superwinch, how long has the company been around and what is your role there?

Zach:I am Vice President of Sales & Marketing, a member of the Superwinch Executive Team; I report to the President & CEO Ned Cunningham and manage all aspects of our global sales and marketing strategies and objectives. Ned was brought on as President and CEO in late 2007, Mike Harrison (CFO) and I joined Ned at the beginning of 2008. We were charged with the responsibility to strengthen the brand, identify key market segments, develop new product and take market share within the global winch industry.

What makes Superwinch different to other winch manufacturers?

Zach:We are one of only three electric winch manufacturers in the USA and the only hydraulic winch manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Superwinch’s global manufacturing facilities have grown to design and produce a broad range of winches; from electric 12, 24 and 115 volt planetary gear, right angle gear and worm gear units to hefty hydraulic workhorses. Our 1,000 to 50,000 pound capacity winches can be found in diverse industries and applications around the world.

These products share Superwinch’s common traits of first class design, quality and value. Our concern for safety is our number one priority. We are also the only winch manufacturer to test electric winches in real world conditions electrical conditions; not constant voltage tests like the competition. Superwinch is an internationally recognized market leader in the manufacturing of winches using best practices that are inherently safe to operate in all conditions by all users. In order to achieve this we ensure that our industrial products (PRO spec) comply with all the latest European Standards and Directives including but not limited to BS EN 14492-1, the latest Machinery Safety regulations and all current Health and Safety regulations.

What does a person have to consider before choosing a winch for the first time?

Zach:There are four things person needs to consider before choosing a winch for the first time:

1.What is the application? Utility, ATV, off-road, trailer? We manufacture many winches for each of these applications.

2.What is the load? Are you going to load a 400 kg piece of farm equipment on a small trailer or perform self recovery of your 2200 kg Rover out of deep mud?

3.How fast do you want to pull the load? Winches have different size motors and different gear ratios; you should select the winch with the MPM (meter per minute) line speed which will meet your needs.

4.How often will they use the winch? Winches are built with specific qualities, features and benefits for different applications and frequency of use; you need to choose the winch and its capabilities to match your intended use. For example: if you plan to forge water and anticipate getting stuck in mud up to your headlights on a regular basis; you should purchase the Talon winch. If you want a winch just in case of an emergency, you should consider the LP Series. If you are somewhere between the extreme user and the emergency user, you should have a Tiger Shark on your vehicle.

Which winch would you recommend for an advanced 4×4 enthusiast?

Zach: Our Talon 9.5 and 12.5 Series are designed for the advanced 4×4 enthusiast. This is the industry’s best truly sealed vehicle recovery winch assembly. All seals on the entire winch meet the IP67 standard, from the outermost end of the high performance motor and groundbreaking solenoid to the 2-stage planetary and 2-stage spur gearbox. The sealed 5.2 and 6.0 HP motors deliver a quick but safe 62 FPM line speed at a low 75 amp draw. Heat sink-styled motor cap maintains low temperatures under the heaviest loads. The solenoid will keep out water, mud, snow, and dust and has a patented venting feature that allows the contacts to resist water and release contact damaging internal condensation. The VS4 Solenoid (Vented, Submersible, and Stabilized with Sealed Socket) is simply the best winch solenoid in the world, and it’s located inside this modern-styled rugged enclosure.

The innovated “Dual-stop” 100% load holding brake design provides zero drag on cable in and is located inside the gearbox away from the drum to eliminate heat transfer to the synthetic rope. A special steel drum is constructed with high tensile strength material to resist the unique loading characteristic of the optional synthetic 3/8″ x 80′ rope rated at 17,600 lbs ensures a safe pull. There’s an ergonomically shaped hand-held sealed remote with brilliant LED light for assisting in night-time winching. The remote also meets the tough IP67 standard, which ensures water, mud, snow, and dust is kept out. The chrome plated aluminium ergo-free spool knob lifts and turns effortlessly, easily rotating in 45˚ increments for custom and “in bumper” applications. The laser-etched aerodynamically shaped extruded aluminium tie bars reduce weight, and the three tie-bar construction adds strength and structural rigidity between drum supports. The tie-bar bracket includes steel-lined rubber insulated mounts to stabilize the solenoid and reduce vibration and fatigue.

Would you say a winch is a vital piece of equipment for anybody, no matter what level they are?

Zach:Yes, a winch is a vital piece of equipment for anybody, no matter what level they are. If installed and used properly, the basic winch is a faster and safer way to move objects. More people are discovering the hundreds of applications in which the winch makes their lives more simple and enjoyable. The applications range from loading small garden equipment on a utility trailer, using a winch on an ATV to clear brush from your property to loading your sports car on a trailer at Silverstone.

Husky, Talon, Tiger Shark – these names all relate to the animal world, is there any specific reason for this?

Zach:Over the years Superwinch has selected names or icons to represent our winches. Much like famous aircraft or sports cars, people may forget a model number but they will always remember a name. We spend a fair amount of research time when selecting a winch name and consider the aspects of the winch and the intended market/application. For example Husky is a general name for a type of dog used to pull sleds and known to be the largest and most powerful sled dog, was used for heavier loads and they are energetic and athletic. This is the ideal description for our Husky winch and it proved its name year after year as it was the winch of choice for the participants of the Camel Trophy Series around the world. In recent years we developed winch lines which are threatening to our competition thus we wanted intimidating names. The Talon name was selected due its speed and ability to outperform any other electric winch in the market place, thus we nicknamed it the “winch of prey”. The Tiger Shark Series was created to attack all of the imposters and winch importers. A real Tiger Shark is known to eat bottom feeders, we felt this was fitting for this winch series and it does exactly that, it eats the competition!

You have worked in this industry for a long time, is there anybody that has inspired you along the way?

Zach: I have worked within the automotive aftermarket for over 30 years with many inspiring relationships along the way. While I never met Frank Tolsdorf, the founder of Superwinch, I can sense his vision and influence every day, not just at Superwinch, but within the entire winch market. I have spent time with Ian Dodds, Frank’s partner in the ownership of Superwinch. Ian was an aerospace engineer with an unbelievable background and a real driver behind the technical success of Superwinch products. Today’s global Superwinch team led by President & CEO Ned Cunningham is as dedicated as ever to building on the philosophy we are serious about continuous improvements, innovative design and timely market response to keep Superwinch, our and distribution partners and the winch end user on top.

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