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How much will Allmakes 4×4 Premium Range products cost me?
PR2 products are priced to be highly competitive in the market place. You can expect to make significant savings when compared to buying from a main dealer yet the quality will be equivalent.

Where can I buy PR2 products?
Allmakes 4×4 Premium Range products are available from Allmakes 4×4 distributors around the world. Contact us via the website to locate your nearest dealer.

What happens if a PR2 product is defective?
In the very unlikely event that a PR2 product proves defective, Allmakes 4×4 will offer a direct replacement for the product and restart your two year warranty period from the date of installation.
* Subject to terms and conditions availableĀ here.

I drive a vehicle built before 1997 but which continued to be available after 1997. Are there Premium Range products that I can buy?
Generally speaking, the range starts at Freelander 1 (Launched in 1997). There will be products for the later models of Discovery 1 (manufactured until 1998) that will make it into the range but they will not be as commonplace as say Discovery 2 or Range Rover 2.

My distributor sells three versions of the same product, one is from Payen, another from Elring and the other is from Allmakes 4×4. All are showing as being part of the PR2 range, how can this be?
If a product is of sufficient quality to be included in the range, it goes in. No Exceptions. Even if it was cheaper to buy, arrived unbranded or was sourced outside of Europe, it makes no difference to whether the part qualifies. We are only concerned with how the product performs and if it meets the criteria.
Allmakes 4×4 will continue to keep different brands to satisfy the preferences of our distributors.
Couldn’t find the answer to your question?
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