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Here are the Terms and Conditions of Warranty for the Allmakes 4×4 Premium Range


The Allmakes 4×4 Premium Range offers a no-quibble two year end customer warranty provided that the following terms and conditions are adhered to. PR2 refers to a part that is contained within the Allmakes 4×4 premium range.


“Warranty” is defined as a defective part resulting from a proven failure in product materials or its manufacture. “End Customer” is defined as final consumer of the product. “Distributor” is defined as the Trade Company which holds an account with Allmakes 4×4 and made the sale to a third party or end customer.


  1. Allmakes 4×4 will only accept a warranty claim that is made by a distributor.
  2. The warranty claim must be made within 30 months of the original date of the purchase invoice from Allmakes 4×4.
  3. The part must be fitted correctly and any other advised part changed if instructions are included with the product. The maximum warranty mileage of any part is 24,000 miles regardless of the date of purchase. An exception to this mileage cap is that a part must be changed in line with the manufacturer’s service interval. Warranty is invalid if a part is used for off-road eventing, competition or in any form of abusive manner which is not anticipated in this day-to-day use. Warranty excludes general wear and tear.
  4. Warranty shall only relate to the product and the value of the product. Allmakes 4×4 shall not be liable for any consequential loss or damage as a result of a defective part. If any compensation is to be paid it will purely be on a goodwill basis and at the discretion of Allmakes 4×4.
  5. Warranty claims for PR2 product will only be accepted if placed on the WARP system which can be accessed via the Allmakes PSP. A successful claim must be accompanied by any relevant paperwork, the return of the damaged part if requested and comprehensive information as requested by the Warranty Team.
  6. Rejected warranty claims may incur 15% handling charge and the return of the parts will be entirely at the cost of the distributor.


  1. All warranty claims must be entered by the distributor on the WARP system.
  2. A case number will be created and progress of the claim can be tracked using this system. We aim to clear all warranty claims within 15 working days of receipt of the product. In the event that the product needs to be returned to the manufacturer, then this may on occasion take longer.
  3. If requested parts and information must be sent by the distributor to the Warranty Department at Allmakes 4×4 Ltd, 188 Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon, OX14 4SR marked for the attention of the Warranty Department. Full written details will be provided of any warranty rejection.
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