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Welcome to the new Allmakes Shadow

Earlier in 2011, we surveyed our customers about how they’d liked using the previous version of Allmakes Shadow which was released back in 2008. We then received lots of feedback in terms of user interface, function, usability and stability. Our development team have since then spent months in designing and building a newer and better Shadow. Now we can report back with pride that the all new Allmakes Shadow is finally ready!


User Interface – Redesigned

The “sidebar” style in the previous Shadow proved to be fiddly, difficult to read and lack of sufficient information. So in the new version, we’ve dropped the old interface completely and redesigned everything from the login window to the main window and from buttons to icons Now, Shadow users have a larger window area with the most popular navigation buttons grouped on the left and additional resources buttons aligned on the top – making it more user friendly and logical to use.


Your Shadow Desktop


Once logged in, you’ll see your personalised Shadow desktop which summarises your company information, account balance, your Allmakes 4×4 representative details and your recent orders – you don’t have to go everywhere to find them.


Navigation bar

All the major functions of Shadow can be found here and it is easy and quick to navigate from one to another or use F1 – F5 key on your keyboard


Special Offers

This shows our latest products on special offer prices and you can add them straight to your ‘Basket’. The icon even shows what date the specials were updated by us.


Resources bar

This allows you to check our latest special offers, browse 4×4 catalogues, order history and invoices. – (Keyboard shortcut F6 – F9)

What’s New

      • Real Time Stock Display in Search

        The most amazing feature of Shadow’s search function is that you can now type in quantities as well as part numbers or product descriptions. Shadow not only lists the search results with details including images and prices but also tells you whether the parts you requested are available in stock. Then to add the parts to the ‘Basket’, just click +

      • PR2 & Terrafirma

        PR2 and Terrafirma products are made more obvious in the search results of the latest Shadow.

      • Search History

        Shadow stores up to 50 most recent search enquiries for you so you can jump back to your previous search results in no time.

      • Enhanced Basket Function

        In the previous Shadow, the basket window could only show a limited number of product lines. Now the window can stretch to display more lines at once.

      • Adding New Lines

        When a new line is added to the basket, the item is then selected and highlighted so you don’t have to scroll down the window every time a part is added.

      • Part Number Variations

        The latest part number variations function in Shadow not only returns the variation part numbers of the last added item, but also shows you whether the quantity you requested is available.

      • Sort, Toggle and Print

        You can sort your basket items in order according to part numbers, prices or brands. Now we make it possible for you to print the basket before you submit the order.

      • The Webcat in Shadow

        The biggest add-on in Shadow is the inclusion of the Allmakes 4×4 Webcat system. Webcat is already available on the Allmakes 4×4 Trade Portal, but we have made the service more useful by improving the selection interface and speed in Shadow

      • Browsing Made Easier

        Finding parts following Webcat’s new cataloguing structure has never been easier. We introduced ‘Diagrams’, where applicable, to make your search more direct – just pick items from the graphics.

      • Fitment Information and Add to Basket

        You can also find parts by typing in the search field. You’ll find fitment info in the search results and you are able to check stock availability and add to your basket straight away by typing in quantities.

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